Harald Thafvelin
Motion Graphics Artist & Video editor
+46 707 33 07 33
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Photoshop
I am a Motion Graphics Artist / Post Production Specialist with over five years of professional experience working with several high profile clients such as Riot Games, ESL, Team Liquid and Cloud9. Primarily focusing on post production I have mastered Motion Graphic Design and have extensive knowledge in Storytelling, Editing, Visual Effects & Sound Design.

With a thorough understanding of all aspects of video production I am able to guide and orchestrate teams to reach their highest capability.

Head of Post Production
Rebound is a YouTube channel with over 3 million followers and a monthly viewer count of upwards of 40 million views. As their Lead Editor and I both manage freelancers and in-house creatives, actively striving to create the most entertaining content on the platform. With constant innovation, introducing new ideas to a tested formula, I have helped Rebound reach new levels of quality and quantity.
Motion Graphics Artist
Working with C9 gave me wider understanding of bigger production teams. 
In the heat of swift changes and ambitious projects I had to be quick on my feet, staying creative yet effective.

Motion Graphics Artist
At ESL I was positioned as motion graphics artist,
mainly focusing on editing advertisements & trailers. I worked in big and small teams, tailoring graphics for brands such as Snapdragon & Dreamhack.

Team Liquid
Motion Graphics Artist 
Team Liquid introduced me to both Riot Games and their studio 1UP. I created graphics for Riot Games "LoL Esports" channel from scratch: including a lower third, outro and title card animation.

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